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Recycled/used boxes can also be used designed for storing items in your home, garage area or attic. They are also perfect for storing your important personal documents, clothes or perhaps equipment. It's much cheaper than investing in a storage containers and storage solution units. Used in addition can broken down and used for additional purposes such as stuffing to shipping fragile items; a garage mat for coating oil spills or intended for messy garage projects (like working on a car); grimy shoe or boot sleeping pad; a makeshift dust baking pan; or drawer separators. They will also be made into a dollhouse designed for little girls, a race car/go-cart, a toy box, a box-sled, or perhaps pet home bedding. The choices are endless. Boxsmart offers an opportunity to help you save money on corrugated cardboard transport boxes as well as used packing containers. Boxsmart is one of the largest investors of used gaylord packing containers in the U. Ings with an inventory that consist of 20+ styles of used gaylord packing containers and over 5, 000 great, quality used gaylords in inventory.

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